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There food isn't the worst and they only hire girls who are in shape mostly. She had this ridiculous, bordering on crazy, outgoing personality and a constant need for attention, so it was perfect for her. Now for the main event. One of my best friends that I met freshman year lives in Orlando, FL. They aren't always hot but they are never fat and at least average or better. Is it just because they have ridiculously hot women in skimpy uniforms waiting tables?

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Describing how you overcame the cock-block play by play was a nice touch and very helpful.

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Use these services to find the source: I especially hate, the "I'm going to lightly bite my index finger" thing. She comes back with our drinks and immediately, the new guy I met in Orlando starts hitting on her hard, with the big guns; he's going heavy sexual, looking at her boobs, making comments about them and how sexy she is etc. A pregnant Helen Mirren in a bikini. But i still wait for my food. Similar Threads closed a hooters girl, need help tonight! Am I the only one that gets really turned off by the super fake faces these girls make during sex?

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