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In the modern day, most folks get their equipment one of a few different ways:. Never had a pump fail me, but have had semi-autos fail me. Valthek 1, 3 You can hike with it cross-country because it's simple, light, and doesn't require any gas. However, it might be the case that having all that energy stored in a single monolithic part might make for a horrible analogue to "powder stores" of old battleships. Pull out a semi or full auto shotgun, you've got nothing but its visual appearance to use as psychological warfare unless you actually fire it.

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So; your pump action for shotguns.

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Also stairs don't have a fail condition. The arms of your forefathers are a sorely needed gift in this crisis: You'd probably design them a lot differently from an earth-designed gun, designing the firing mechanism to avoid a cold cementing and vacuum welding. Think about it like those crank-operated emergency lights or radios. And when we go even further and switch to energy-based weapons laser, plasma, sonic, particles, etc It depends on the hunter. The pumping would not generate enough charge to be used as a round.

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