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All the free stuff you can get with your vote. It helps a ton with the crazy cramps and headaches I get since I've been off the pill. Babe Big Tits For Women. In fact, one study of young mothers in Jamaica reported that while smoking while pregnant is widely discouraged, many mothers do partake in the ganj on occasion, claiming that it helped manage their nausea and stress. We have the largest library of xxx Pics on the web.

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So ladies, crank up the Sublime because here are nine reasons why you should be smoking more weed.

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Artistic Babe Big Tits. Sex therapist Ian Kerner says the reported aphrodisiac effects of smoking pot before sex likely have a lot to do with the fact that marijuana decreases anxiety and lowers inhibitions, causing women to let their guards down during sex. Madelyn Monroe from her Twitter page. Hot Gurl Smoking Weed! This is both a good thing and a bad thing. According to the study, cannabinoidsor the compounds found in the cannabis plant, can slow the growth of breast cancer cells, preventing the spread of breast cancer cells throughout the body. The release of the cannabis-infused lube Foria last year seems to support the theory that cannabis just plain makes people horny.

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